Sonja Kozik

UX/UI Designer

Testing Onboarding Experience

A digital music streaming provider wanted to test an onboarding and sign up experience for their new family premium subscription. The experience tested consisted of a web-based purchase and configuration flow as well as an account set up in a separate mobile application.

Project 01
  • Client: Leading Music Streaming Service
  • Company: Sutherland Labs
  • My role: Recruitment, Usability Testing, UX Design

Both experiences were tested on a mobile phone with six participants in one-to-one interviews over one day. An insights report with several UX recommendations has been delivered at the end of the research.

Insights and Findings

Overall experience

The overall experience was very positive, users had no major issues completing the process and found it simple and straightforward. This was mainly because of the high familiarity with the brand and users perceived it as a trustworthy company.

Mental Model

The services' family subscription was perceived to work similar to the Netflix model: one account and several profiles. It was not clear from the landing page how accounts are kept separate. Users also thought that it would be possible for the others to see their listening history or have to share playlists

Separate Mobile App

The idea of a mobile application for younger members was overseen as a great addition to the family subscription plan. However, there was some ambiguity around the available music preference options for kids; the options felt too narrow and did not indicate an age range. On the other hand, users mentioned that the design of the app is appropriate for children.


The Dashboard/Control Centre is not distinctive enough for users. Expectations were made around setting everything in the main app. There is no link drawn in between the app and the web.

UX Recommendations

Add People To The Plan:

“Add an adult” and “Create kids account” were clear to most, however, parents with teenage children were unsure as to what their children would qualify in this case.

Recommendation: Giving the kids option a clear branding emphasises on being a separate app to the main application.

Send An Invitation Link:

Some users were confused about the CTA on the link page and assumed they have to copy the link into the clipboard before they can send it with messenger services. Others would share one invitation link in a family group chat.

Recommendation: Giving each message option the same size balances out the hierarchy in between them.

Kids Music Preference:

Some users remarked that the wording is subjective to every individual if they'd consider their children “young” or old”. Especially if the plan is set up by an older sibling it will result most likely in the wrong choice.

Recommendation: Having recommendations for music preferences and showing a mix of genres and moods rather than artists.

Kids App:

The setting up of the kids app is still very technical and needs to be done by a parent.

Recommendation: Once the parent has logged in with their details the children can set up the app on their own. The chosen avatar is used throughout the rest of the process to create a more child-friendly UI.