Sonja Kozik

UX/UI Designer

Interface Technologies and Mechatronics

Goal of this two-day workhop was to create a computer game with Arduino and Processing.

Project 01
  • Co-Students: Anna Erlewein, Christian Bette, Julian Schwarz, Martina Eckert
  • Supervisor: Ron Jagodzinski, Götz Wintergerst
  • Course: Interface Technologies (2017)
  • My role: Mechatronic, Prototyping, Arduino, Processing

The game is a modified version of the old mobile game "Snake". In the game two cats fight for food. The first to get 10 treats wins the game, but the cats become slower and thicker the more they eat.


The game is controlled by this board, consisting of 9 light switches arranged in a 3x3 matrix. The middle light switches move the character up, down, right and left. These are toggle switches, which means once pressed they remain in this position and the cats keep running in that direction until the switch is flipped again. This increases the difficulty of the game. On the outside there are four more light switches, this time changeover switches, meaning they go back to the original state after they are pressed. Each of the symbols on these switches stands for a special ability that can be used during the game.

  • Snowflake: Freeze opponent for 3 seconds
  • Inverted Cross: Invert opponent's controls
  • Ghost: Make opponent invisible for a few seconds
  • Arrow: Move treat to a random position



Programming a game within two days is not easy, but the workshop was a lot of fun. It was a good mix of mechatronics and programming and although not all features could be implemented at the end I'm satisfied with the result. Programming does not have to be complicated and nerdy but can be really enjoyable.