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Bivio - Datamanagement

Bachelor Project
7th Semester
Project 01

Cykle Biking App

Interface Design II
4th Semester
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MyFitnessPal Redesign

Application Design
3rd Semester
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Interface Technologies
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Project 05

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Microinteractions and UI Designs
Project 05


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I am a keen problem solver that focuses on simplifying the way people interact with products. My background in UX/UI Design and User Research has given me the skills to create holistic and user-centered experiences.

User Research

  • As a UX Designer and Researcher, I am planning and conducting user-centred research as well as analysing user behaviour to gather insights, identify pain points and opportunities. I've worked on a variety of projects, from early-stage discovery research and diary studies up to usability testings.
  • I conducted multiple in-home interviews with small business owners uncovering their journeys of setting up and hosting their business website. The detailed insight report and User Journey Map helped our client (a web hosting provider) to shape one of its already existing tools into a better and easier to use solution by understanding the users' needs.
  • I managed usability tests for a media service provider that wanted to test an onboarding and setup experience for their new subscription model. The experience consisted of an onboarding web-flow as well as a setup flow in a separate app targeted towards children. Wording and design in some instances gave the user false assumptions leading to wrong decisions in the process. By taking the findings and turning them into UX recommendations I helped the client to refine the experience and they have successfully implemented it into the current flow.

UX/UI Design

  • During my time as a UX/UI Designer, I was working on the design of several mobile applications. I designed wireframes, user flows and prototypes to create a timeline-based application for postmen, as well as designing UI elements such as an icon system for a Question and Answer app.
  • I designed the company's new website to promote the offer for Design Thinking and Service Design workshops. I kept the design of the website within the branding guidelines but was still able to visibly differentiate it from the home page. I also had the chance to use and deepen my web development skills by coding parts of the new website.
  • In my current company, I redesigned the control system for the cameras in the observation rooms entirely. The system interface was out-dated and had a complex architecture that was not self-explanatory and therefore lacking usability. Although the system had its limits and restrictions, I was able to rework the user interface effectively and redesign the user interactions creating a cleaner, and more modern look as well as improving the overall user experience.


  • I use a variety of software to help illustrate my intentions. My main tools are Sketch or Figma and Adobe products such as Illustrator, Photoshop or InDesign. Much of my work includes prototyping for which I use InVision, Origami Studio or Framer, however, there are so many tools and I always love to discover new ones. As part of my personal projects, I am also learning about web development; I have experiences with HTML, CSS and Javascript and I'm dipping my toes into iOS Development, too.

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